Woman-centric clickbait sites parodied


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Some real gems on there! I started laughing too hard and needed my inhaler.


‘Reductress or Jezebel’ would be a good quiz.


Blowing $300 on a beautiful pair of shoes during your lunch break will
remind you that, despite how little affection your boss shows you,
you’re worth a great deal (around $300!). Sure, you could just
masturbate and release happiness-inducing endorphins into your body, but
think about how much you’ll want to sex yourself after you’ve bought
those sexy heels! (Warning: This will not work if you are poor.)

Just great work.


Fantastic. Hours of productivity ruined.


I prefer my clickbait sites to be white-male-nerd centric, thank you very much. Kinda liberal. And alliterated.


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