The rise of @SavedYouAClick


I clicked on it, well played Buzzfeed.


This might be a phrase even more obnoxious than ‘fixed that for you’. Impressive.


I almost posted a comment to the Buzzfeed article mocking the guy for whining for 25 paragraphs rather than just try writing articles that don’t suck.

Then it asked me to sign in with my Google account and told me that if I did I’d be letting Buzzfeed read a list of people in my Google+ Circles. Which I believe is everybody I’ve ever corresponded with via Gmail or Google Talk.

Kill it with fucking fire.


That is what your burner google plus accounts are for.

Go! Save a click Go! If we could kill clickbait, oh joy! and Boing Boing would be the better for it - not that that girl crying about her little brother growing up wasn’t adorable but I get enough of that crap in my Facebook feed.


I clicked on it too… with Adblock enabled. Eff 'em.


Well I saved me more than one click. Just skipped Buzzfeed and came straight here. Did I miss anything awesome?

Buzzfeed criticizes David Pogue for headlining his review of the Lytro Illum as Review:Lytro Illum Camera Has One Amazing Trick. But if you actually read the review, he’s criticizing the Lytro for being a one trick pony. If you like the trick, you’ll buy it. If you don’t, you’ll choose another (possibly cheaper) camera. It’s not clickbait.

I think regular fire would do as well. Just use more of it.

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Sometimes I can’t believe the world has devolved to worrying about this kind of stuff…

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I wish Boing Boing would save me a click to get to the comments.


Probably, but generating @thadboyd’s kind of fire is a lot more fun.

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Ahem. How do you think the phrase “arguing about how many angels may dance on the head of a pin” came about? We as a culture – nay, a species – are drawn to discussions that seem trivial to others. We enjoy it.

I myself enjoy seeing a writer for a click baiter complaining about people taking the air out of click baiting. It’s like a sideshow barker complaining about the people telling those who have not yet bought a ticket for the show about what the show is really like.

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