Woman gets 4-day jail sentence for being too close to Grizzly bear and cubs at Yellowstone

Just a reminder: mama bear has nothing on mama cow when she thinks you’re a threat to her little ones.

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People getting too close to bears is the sort of problem that often solves itself.

I would never get that close to a grizzly and follow all rules but alligators, that’s a different story.

There’s a 10 mile hiking trail that we enjoy in Florida that is full of alligators, when we first started hiking there we were terrified until some local hikers explained to us we were safe. If you’re on the trail once the sun comes up a lot of gators will sun themselves on the trail. Your choices are turn back and probablly encounter a few more on the trail or just keep going right past them. The first time you do it you crap your pants. Of course you don’t stop to take selfies or poke them with a stick and avoid babies.

These babies were just a foot or so of the trail so I stopped to grab a photo, my wife said, “honey, mamma has her eye on you” I moved on but she did come over and gather them up.

That’s me the first time I walked past one, my wife took the photo from a safe distance after she said “you go first”.


I spent a summer in the 1970s working as the telegraph operator at the CPR station in Creston, B.C. The conductor on the wayfreight used to tell his engineman to highball it quite a distance away from the station platform. As it was a wayfreight it was just a few lightly loaded or unloaded cars, and there was a downgrade as well. This conductor was an older man, and quite overweight. The train was moving so fast by the time it passed the station that the impression when the conductor boarded was that he was standing there one moment, and disappeared the next. I kept the shovel handy… The much younger tail end brakeman wanted nothing to do with this, he walked up the track and boarded while the train was stationary. Always thought the engineman should have put an end to this behaviour

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Grammar Bears are fucking lethal.


So, I’m fairly sure we have as a family, walking on a trail on some hills in Yellowstone a fair few years ago, we were making noise, but somehow we went round a curve and surprised a mother and baby. Luckily it was a forested hillside, so the baby went straight up a tree, and we as a group did a 180 and left post haste. Possibly we had startled the mother so she had run off a bit, dunno, we all lived to talk about it.

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