Woman in ten-year coma gives birth at care facility, police seeking DNA of workers

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Kill Bill, Part 1


Well - they can rule out half of the workers immediately.

And they should look at blood types before submitting everyone to dna screening.


That might narrow it down, for sure.

This whole thing is fucking gross and I hope they find the dude and throw him in the clinker…


There have been at least a couple other cases of comatose rape victims becoming pregnant; one in Brighton, New York in 1996 (whose case inspired at least one Law & Order episode) and another in Argentina in 2015.

Awful to think about how many coma victims must get raped without the attacks ever being discovered.


Guh, like means agree, because this whole thing is disturbing.

It makes me wonder, was the comatose woman not properly bathed for months? Because a proper bath, even an in-bed sponge bath, would reveal a pregnancy way before labor starts. This sounds live a coverup.


The article doesn’t seem to indicate when the facility discovered or reported the pregnancy, only that the case didn’t hit the press until she gave birth.

I imagine the nursing staff responsible for her personal care might have noticed she stopped menstruating even before her belly started swelling.

EDIT TO ADD: More recent reports indicate that, yes, the nursing staff was oblivious to the pregnancy. This certainly doesn’t reflect well on the facility.


It just seems like that might have been the time to do something about it, not wait until a public outcry.


I wonder if there were medical safety/consent issues involved with taking a prenatal DNA sample.


Unfortunately he will probably end up as the next GOP senator from AZ.


Stay classy Arizona. For the love of Pete, what the fuck is wrong with people?


I know who it was…

The rapist in question is definitely an idiot for leaving his DNA behind but is he so stupid to continue to work there after the pregnancy was discovered? I guess you have to ask the current employees for a DNA test but surely they are tracking down people who used to work there as well?


I imagine someone will say that this makes a case for involuntary sterilization, but all that would do would be to hide the rapes.

/brb. Blaaaargh…


I am horrified at the rape. I am also horrified at the mandatory collection of DNA from workers without specific suspicion of any particular individual. The cops are not supposed to go on fishing expeditions.

If I were a man who worked at that facility I would immediately volunteer to submit to a DNA test to eliminate myself from the suspect pool (which probably isn’t that big to begin with). I imagine most other non-rapists would do the same in that situation.


Once the police have your DNA, they have that forever. And they can share that with any other government agency who can make a claim they have a reason to get it.

I am not defending the rapist. I am not kidding when I say it’s a horrible thing. I also value the civil rights of people who just happen to work where something horrible happened.


I was going to ask if a guy named Buck worked there…

That would be where I would start. It would be pretty conclusive evidence of who the father was. Unless the above sarcastic mention of Kill Bill plays out in real life and people outside of the workers were involved.

ETA - Actually you can probably start with physical characteristics to narrow down the father before a warrant for a blood test would be needed.

What a freaking mess :confused: Get a fleshlight, people…

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It is possible to draft a legal agreement under which one provides their DNA to law enforcement for exculpatory purposes during the course of an investigation on the condition that it will not be retained afterwards. A senior policy analyst from the ACLU discusses the matter here:


Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

These guys were served a warrant, though. No opportunity to negotiate.