Woman paints bugs around unpatched potholes

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Apparently Tucson has a law that if a pothole is reported, and someone subsequently suffers vehicle damage from it, the city can be required to pay.


I like the passive-aggressive bullshittery that is “repair of the hole would be delayed due to the paint having to be removed.” Classic peevishness on the part of a civic body that knows it’s wrong, but still doesn’t want to do the right thing too quickly, lest it be obvious to the citizenry that the council can be cowed by some artful (heh) civil disobedience.


Forget the bugs, wasn’t there someone who painted dicks around potholes to get them fixed? IIRC, that seemed to get them fixed quickly.


I was wondering about that. They recently paved a road near my home (New England) and didn’t even remove the horse manure first, just paved right over/around it, so curious how spray paint would pose a problem.


Sidewalk Spray Chalk – very interesting, one learns something every day. Lots of uses, pranks galore waiting to happen, I will give the matter some thought.

My only complaint is the word “Sidewalk” … one of those “lawyers made us do it” things, I suppose.

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Nah, wouldn’t work. Potholes have a much longer lifetime than chalk.


I’d say this is a valuable public service, not just a protest: every night on my drive home I seem to nail at least one pothole I didn’t even see. Last winter I cracked part of my suspension on a particularly big pothole and it cost me $700 in repairs. Giant day-glow bugs would alert me well before I got near them.


Potholes can be very dangerous when bike riding. These paint jobs could possibly save a person’s life.


obviously they’re perfectly capable of fixing the potholes and ignoring the paint if they feel like it

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Hmm… patches used for bug fixing. This road needs a software update.


It’s never been an issue before!


This is Lincolnshire in January – the council would not even see it before it was washed away.

Yeah, I admire the basic idea, but chalk would be less of a hazard. Plus, again I like the sentiment, but her art isn’t exactly preservation worthy, and merits a shorter half-life IMHO.

It should have the exact duration as the remaining duration of the pothole. It’s more than just art, it’s a signpost to drivers and bikers.

Maybe the solkution is to spray INSIDE the pothole. Then she isn’t vandalizing anything that needs cleaning, but there’s still the useful art.


repair of the hole would be delayed due to the paint having to be removed.

Oh fuck off you wankers.

I’m not British, is that a correct reply?

I like to imagine workers refused to pave over them because they’re cute, but…


I remember this; I think it was somewhere in Yorkshire…maybe we can persuade the person involved to move to Sheffield, which is a disgusting mess of holey roads and crappy patch jobs.

She should add the date when the ‘bug report’ is made. Having said that if Lincolnshire Council is anything like Sheffield City Council they won’t give a flickering shit unless the media takes this up and gives them a hard time for months. (See our local street tree fiasco.)


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