Woman shoots man in the throat with a flaming arrow on AGT

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Best bit on AGT yet!

Though I am puzzled why he didn’t get hurt worse. It looked like fairly substantial point, which even with a light crossbow should have gone in an inch or so.

I surmise the target was super soft like Styrofoam, and the point was actually rubber. So it would have stuck in the foam, but not into skin.

Not as crazy as they look :wink:


Wait! Why is the video cutting off at the good part? I wanted to see what happens next!


No kidding. Sharp tips & flames are for the pros, lucky for this guy he’s an amateur - tho I bet table convo at their next meal was très uncomfortable…

That music was so great, I’d take two arrows to the throat for more.

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As it turns out, the real culprit behind the near-death accident was actually equipment failure. “Her laser dot was actually on the target,” Stock explained. “I thought she had missed too and then we looked, and the notch on the arrow, on the back end, had broken.” Stock went on to explain how the arrow malfunctioning was actually better than if Walker had actually aimed poorly. “If she had just missed, it actually would have gone probably through my neck but because of the way it slipped, it kinda came at an angle with less power,” Stock said.


This is nothing, Back in 1983 I appeared on a talent show and did my Spinning Plates act. What followed was the worst case of mass defenestration ever captured on film. It was so bad that Ed McMahon almost sobered up for a minute.


Its on Hulu.

Silence, concern, and took the guy a minute to collect himself. I think he probably hurt himself flinching with that pipe in his esophagus. The arrow left a hickie like mark.


This is what I was thinking after seeing the video, I’m a little familiar with bows/crossbows and the arrow moves incredibly slow.

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OH well, there you go.

And to nitpick, crossbow shoot bolts, not arrows.


Not going to help if you don’t account for gravity, especially if you’re using an under-powered crossbow to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a miss (or to stop the bolt shooting all the way through the target, down the funnel and through the catcher’s stomach). A full-power crossbow is designed to kill, not just stick a bolt in someone and make them go “Owie!”


Maybe that’s why their arrow broke?


Arrows are way longer than bolts.

But the knocks at the ends are fairly easy to break off. A bad drop at some point could partially dislodge them, and when shot the force and rapid acceleration can cause it to come off, which means the arrow or bolt will fly off weird.

Bit surprised my kid hasn’t lost one yet.

Heeeyyy - she needs to get off her bum and practice before next season.

I did see a spectacle at Burning Man a number of years ago where a woman shot flaming arrows at a guy who snatched them out of the air as they flew toward his chest. She was shooting from perhaps 50 feet with a somewhat de-tensioned compound bow so the velocity was not insanely high, but it was still damn impressive.


All the years I went to juggling festivals none of the fire guys were ever willing to teach fire breathing except to someone who was dead serious about doing it for a show. Fire eating the would teach you as it is mostly a good stunt that anyone can do if done right.

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File this under: do not try at home.

Roger That!


You can’t buy this kind of advertising!

Note For BB readers:

Actual “Hipsters” depicted. Note lack of beards or flannel.

That was the most horrifying deepthroating video I’ve seen all week.


To further nitpick, -3 crossbow bolts of flame.