Woman spent 3 months in jail for cotton candy that cops insisted was meth


Sort of an ersatz Bayesian analysis?


Does cotton candy even look like meth? (I have no idea.)


It’s an asymmetric war, for sure.


Not at all.

It’s more like this:



I feel like I’d be pretty safe from accidentally mistaking that for cotton candy.


Yeah. Cops are corrupt as an institution. They’re rewarded for arresting people. There is no punishment for kidnapping (illegal arrests).


Oh crap! The cops!


I suspect that you have a somewhat misleading perception of what public defenders actually do in America.


In this case, the woman in question was actually white…


It might have taken the lab a long time to complete the tests because of the requirement to rinse the sample in water before proceeding.

Side note: So, this happened over a year and half ago? Hm.




That’s what I came here to say - how in hell did it take two months to complete the test, and a further month after that to drop the charges and release her? What the fuck is wrong with this country?


This is the place where it goes from incompetent to outrageous. The final results come in and they keep her incarcerated for another month, with absolutely no pretext of a reason to charge her. What the hell are they thinking???


The constitutional right to a speedy trial has gotten pretty watered down over the decades…


From your list I get the impression that, for some cops, the world is like a real life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where all the candy has been replaced with drugs.

“These snozzberries taste like twenty-to-life!”


Thats bonito flakes.


Good that the woman is free to go :slight_smile:

[sarcasm] Now the only thing left for her are to pay the state for four months of housing, food, hot water and Guards. [sarcasm]


Not to go all Rude Pundit, but…:
Still. $1m bail and four months in prison on a bullshit charge?? Even for Georgia (where your vote doesn’t matter because the elections are rigged in advance), this is bullshit.
Any society who institutes and accepts police and a court (obviously not justice) system like this (as well as elect a rigger of elections instead of demanding a fair election), well, to say the very least, they’re garbage to me. (Add: As a dotard, one of my old guy theories is that we’re reverting to a barbaric mentality, including a very high tolerance of abuse from our masters because they’re our masters. That they’re sociopathic doesn’t matter.)


According to the law suit, the GBI crime lab routinely takes more than three months to return drug test results.

Lots of roadside false positives means lots of lab testing. Does that translate to lots of funding for staff and equipment? Evidence suggests - no.


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