Man spends 82 days in jail because cops said his honey was meth

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Mr. Haughton, please sue the everloving fuck out of these people? Giant judgements against them seem to be the only thing holding them back, and not much even then.


To state the obvious that nevertheless needs to be said; POC. Immigrant. Low income. (That last I am yes assuming a bit I admit, but just based on his occupation…)
Does anyone think this would ever happen to a wealthy white person? Even an immigrant wealthy white person? Of course not.
Maybe when we write about our justice system “justice” should always be in quotation marks…


Justice? Oh, I thought you were saying “just us.”


Such is my lack of faith that I’m genuinely shocked that the honey didn’t suddenly, uhhhh, become tainted with meth somehow to justify his incarceration.

Is the system broken? Am I broken? A little Column A, a little Column B?


I find your [1] lack of cynicism … disturbing.

[1] Residual,perhaps, but still

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It was really good honey. “I’m going to test it on my toast this time.”


Poor people only get attorneys assigned when they’ve been given a trial. Wealthy people can lawyer up immediately and have threats of civil rights lawsuits hurled before the suspect gets fingerprinted.

Essentially our system by practice treats poor people as likely guilty and wealthy people as above suspicion or inconvenience.


The system did its job, specifically the job of reminding a poor person of color and their community that they cannot travel in safety and that their actions are always contingent on the wishes of those in power. The system isn’t broken,. It works perfectly well, just towards evil ends.


Yes and immigrants on an even lower rung in terms of legal rights and due process…

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Or they were using tests like this…


Not even an illegal immigrant wealthy white person

The only way I think this will be stopped is automatic compensation for those who are in held but never convicted of anything, so long as their actions didn’t play a role in making them appear guilty.

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No one is illegal. Not even a supermodel.

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She immigrated illegally, therefore she is an illegal immigrant. QED.

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Also why we call a driver who speeds an illegal driver. Oh wait…

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[Follows link, opens comments…]
Ugh, Reason comments… Frickin’ libertarians. Sometimes, man…

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Maybe you want to give me kisses sweet
but only for one night with no repeat
maybe you’d go away and never call
and a taste of meth is worse than none at all


The people responsible never pay the judgements if they’re from the government. Sue the labs.

For the government folks, an enterprising journalist should publish the names of everyone involved, and, if their managers haven’t fired them yet, the managers,too. The only way the people will ever get justice against these fascist shits is if we take it into our own hands.