Woman unhappy that high-rise is an inch from her balcony

Apparently being part of the commonwealth doesn’t extend some of the more “normal” laws that are part of English law:


Hellen Barnaby moved into an apartment block that was built right up to the edge of the lot. Now the neighbours have availed themselves of the same right to build up to the edge of their lot.

In Chicago, you have to have a 5-foot setback from the ALLEY if you put in a garage with no windows. And 5’ from any neighbor’s property too. How much bribery took place for the zoning regulations there to allow inhabited space (with windows) to be built up to the edge of a lot, especially anywhere but in front where the sidewalk and street would be an existing buffer from new construction?

This isn’t built to the Chicago Way. Which, coincidentally, is one of the stricter building codes out there since The Fire. But this kind of construction is perfectly legal in New York, where we don’t have alleys.

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I believe in Seattle they changed the rules to let people build right up to the property line.

Which is why every old house with a yard that goes up for sale is torn down and replaced by a bunch of town or row houses taking up the entire lot.

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Except light wells are required in NYC: every window has to open to actual air and some form of light, even if it’s just a shaft running through the middle of a building or on the side and thus shared with a different building’s windows.

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I thought people were supposed to get smarter over time. Why go backwards when it comes to building regulations? Are they allowing lead paint and asbestos again, too?


In all fairness, we did buy one of them ourselves. :slight_smile:

And until the house next door gets torn down and the same thing done there, we have beautiful views of the mountains all the way around.

The day the neighbour’s house goes on the market, so does ours.


Light wells to bedrooms are totally different from this woman’s balcony in Australia. It’s more about the air flow than the light, given most New York apartments. Her actual window is set back and does see daylight and get air.

Regulations are what people decide they are. When you don’t vote in your local elections this is what you’re going to get. That said, her condo was built all the way out to the property line and she wasn’t complaining about any shadows her building created, so when she didn’t think about it then it’s hard for me to have concern for her now.


Something something vaccinations…

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Australians are required to vote, or get a fine. I guess voting makes no difference when all the councillors are corrupt scumbags.

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That’s adorable! In NSW they like to take it a little further. Seriously, check out some of the shit that goes on with town planners…

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