Woman uses nose as twerking puppet


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/07/18/woman-uses-nose-as-twerking-pu.html


Okay, there is something profoundly wrong with this, but oh my god do I find it funny.


Amazing creativity or too much time?


Came here to see spastic, freehand nose wiggling; left disappointed.


Now she can blow her nose and wipe her butt at the same time.


Was this what you were looking for?


Something more like that, yes.

Anybody got a sharpie?


Or a bootleg copy of Boujou


A star is born.


That’s… wonderful.


i’d make a joke about sneezing or getting a bloody nose but that would just be distasteful! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finally! A white girl who can twerk worth a damn.


One wrong move and she could have ended up picking her … nose?


I wish I was smart like this.


What I love about this is how she’s cracking herself up.


So an Asian girl does this 2 months ago, but it is a thing on BB when a White girl does it…


Well, we didn’t have you here to tell us about it. Welcome!


Deftly akido’d. I sit next to an ‘Asian’ news feed every day at work, where as hard as I try to be ‘up’ on this stuff - “yeah, I saw that last week/month/year” is the standard refrain… so, I paid it forward :slight_smile:


So I was inspired to google “nose twerking” and it looks like this was really all over the place a couple of months ago. See what we miss out on when we’re too busy freaking out about the presidential campaign!


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