Woman wears Fitbit during sex, publishes heart rate chart


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Almost as good as porn.


Almost 9 minutes…isn’t that like 3 times the national average to reach orgasm?


Vaginal though, apparently. Good for her!


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Needs more reps.


In my personal experience, 100% of people who get a heart rate monitoring wrist strap do this. In our household we both have one and sometimes we compare notes. My wife gets mad if my HR doesn’t get high enough.


I’d like to see blood O2 levels or breathing patterns…cause I swear there are times where it seems like I haven’t inhaled for more an a minute…


Some of the newer ones have blood ox percentages. For better results thought you can get a little usb thingy that clamps onto your finger like the ones in hospitals. This must be some kind of heaven for people who are turned on by medical prodedures.


The data would be much more interesting if it included the 20 minutes of foreplay.


Ooh, gimme that pulse oximeter action!


Goes right back to Ernst Goldschmidt in 1932.

I thought I came across a reference at some point suggesting that his results were not easily reproducible or otherwise of dubious merit, but alas, this is all I can find at the moment.


Excerpt from your link:

“It was Subject No. 69 who agreed to go No. 2 while under cardiac surveillance, and it was also 69 who had sex with her husband, Subject 72, while tethered to the scientists’ equipment.”

I think it’s fair to say that 72 likes 69.


Very funny! So much funnier than the source material, or any modern psychological research.


If anyone else wants to do more research, look me up ;o)


Heh, every time I see stats/graphs/figures like that, I want to clip them out and send them to an ex-girlfriend and the words “See! See! I wasn’t so quick, eh?” written all over them.


It’s all fun and games until it’s mandatory.


Then we’ll just hack the crap and submit computer-generated fake data.


I wish Fitbit the best of luck in obtaining my security clearance.


One more piece of equipment to put in our equipment bag …

OK, none of my partners are into medical play, but it would be interesting to see the stats!