Sex probably won't give you a heart attack


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Challenge accepted!


78% percent of heart attack victims failed to do this one weird thing in the 24 hours before their heart attack.


they were obviously doing it wrong


What else do old people do to get their heart rate further into the danger zone? Rob banks?


Watch Fox News?


At least not until you see the bill.


Hmmmm… I’ve been looking for a new pick-up line…


There goes my best-case-scenario in the “things I’m likely to die of” department.


78% of people said they hadn’t had sex within 24 hours before their heart attack? Sounds as if sex is negatively correlated with a heart attack - more than 22% of the time I’ve had sex within the last 24 hours.


At least you can still hope for “heat death of the universe.”


It’s not sex that causes the heart attack. It’s trying to get dressed and out the back door before her husband comes in the front door.


Challenge accepted!


If you have to go, that’s the way to do it, eh?
With agonising chest pain.


At the hands of a jealous lover at the age of 95?


So what was the probability of having had sex on a non-heart attack hour/day?


This reminds me of my favorite dietetics fact: Sex is excellent exercise because you can burn 60 calories per minute, but the averages on how long the average sexual encounter lasts indicates that it’s not a viable alternative to exercise.


You mean, this wasn’t a documentary? But it was in black & white and everything!


It apparently happens enough that the Japanese have a word for it: 腹上死 or “fukujoushi”.

腹 means “stomach”, 上 means “on” and 死 means “death” so it’s literally “death on [someone else’s] stomach”.

Without a doubt my favourite word in Japanese.


That has to be awkward for the other person. “I thought he’d just fallen asleep - the climax did seem a bit dramatic though”.