Woman who shot at police robot in custody after 22-hour standoff

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An ARMED PERSON who WAS SHOOTING didn’t end up dead in a police encounter?

She must be white.

There. I said it.


ought to make for interesting case law… is shooting at a robot considered assault? is shooting at a police robot assaulting a LEO?

it seems likely that Asimov has already considered this.


It would count as Destruction of Public Property, even if it was just dinged up a little.

“I’ve seen Terminator, you sum bitches! You won’t get me!”

Seriously though - I know I have seen other video where they sent in a robot and it as shot at…

Ah here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcFTVD6pKJY

Dunno if this is the same guy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlmkgzfdCQQ

And another - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVHlB67r4qo

In the future we will probably have robot police that will just go in and disarm who ever with out fear of damage.

Vive la résistance!

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I for one, welcome those who shoot at police robots.


Robot police will only tear the arms off of the non-white people though.

Won’t somebody think of the bots?


I know you’re joking, but seriously, a police force void of emotion will lead to a more even enforcement of the law.

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It was coming for her medicine and she couldn’t stop it, because robots are made of metal and are strong.

What she should have done is gotten Old Glory insurance, the only insurance with robot protection.


She, for one, didn’t welcome our new robotic overlords.


She welcomed that one. In the most deserved way.

@TobinL - could you weigh in? I think you have a unique perspective.

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