Women in the Trump Administration make 69% of what men make

Or anti-suffragettes.


You just did.

I think this just means that most of the high-level staffers are men, and there are more women in lower-paid administrative roles that don’t require political purity tests. It could even be an example of Simpson’s paradox–every woman could be making more money than the equivalent men in their position, but we might still see this. This might not even be sexist hiring on the part of Trump admin–he just may not be able to find many women with the skills to command 150K+ that are willing to work for him–most of them are probably democrats.

I just feel it is important to keep the eye on the prize. This barely is a blip compared to the other things. And I’ll bet that if this picks up traction, Tucker Carlson will have people do the same for the Obama admin, find the exact same thing (could even be worse–who knows), accuse liberals of hypocrisy, change the talking points for a couple days, and we will all forget about it by next week while trumpists roll their eyes at the outrage machine.


Pretty sure if I touch that it will break things.


Yeah - but something to add to the list of things to check out as to why, and test (offline?) one day, perhaps. Just thought you ought to know.



There is a very strong overlap between the modern republican party and the partriarchal Christian right, so no big surprise there.

Still, plenty of women support the GOP by choice, no coercion. It’s fucked up.


I remember talking to someone marvelling that any black people could vote Republican. Neither makes a lot of sense. But when it comes to it, you know, it doesn’t actually make a lot of sense for white men to vote Republican either, save only the ones that are very rich and very sociopathic.

People voting against their own interests – whether out of tribalism, misinformation, or simply prioritizing hatred of other people more – are why this party exists. And sad to say no demographic is completely immune.


My late mother was one of the first, if not the first female computer tech. She learned that men who were new hires were getting paid more than she, after she’d been there for a couple years. She immediately paid a visit to the honcho in charge of promotions and pay, and essentially asked him, “WTF?!” His feeble response was, “Well, I thought you and you daughter were living with your mother.” She snorted and said, “We do not live with my mother, and even if we did, what effing difference would that make?!” He squirmed in his expensive leather chair, and she continued. “I have to make house payments, pay bills, feed and clothe my child…” and he acquiesced. Her pay went up to a more appropriate level right away.

Diana Rigg was justifiably infuriated when she learned a male camera operator on The Avengers was better paid than she. She confronted the powers what am, giving them a richly deserved slice of hell, and her pay went up.

We shouldn’t have to make demands - we should be paid a fair wage by default!


I had the t-shirt with that quotation on!


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