Wonderful marble run made out of fidget spinners, and a parable about accessibility and abled people

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This is an unexpectedly nice and thoughtful essay to accompany a video that would have been quite marvelous even on its own without comment. Thank you.


Isn’t that passé now, like “brain training” games and Baby Einstein videos?

My coworkers have often labeled me as “fidgety”, and it’s true, I do tend to seek repetitive tactile experience with pens and other small objects which I twirl between my fingers and tap on my desk. I also from time to time find myself chewing on my writing implements, esp. if I’m stressed out or struggling through a difficult problem.

I hadn’t thought this was a form of “self-soothing”, but what else could it be? I also had never thought of such items as assistive technology, but in the context of autism et al. it makes perfect sense.

Speaking of which, this video queued up behind the fidget spinner one, and it struck me as kind of cool:


In general the idea of differing learning styles is bullshit, but I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about in this context. In this case it’d be people who might think of themselves as auditory learners, but it’s not actually because learning styles are a thing, but because of sub-clinical reading issues they may not even be aware of.

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That k’nex sculpture is RAD!


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