Wonderful photos of museum visitors who happen to match artworks they are viewing


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Sorry, I think these photos are staged.




All the world’s a stage!


Talk about nightmare fuel.


Just don’t catch me standing with the Francis Bacon exhibit.


I went to the web site, doesn’t look like it to me.


I’m an amateur photographer (I know; who isn’t, these days). A couple of weeks ago my wife called me in to the living room to watch a tv report on this guy. I watched for a couple minutes and said “I hate him.”
“Why,” she asked.
“Because it’s a great idea, and I didn’t have it.”

The photos are not staged. And the guy is good. I think I may have to copy him, just for practice.


I read somewhere that a woman who was posing for Francis Bacon was rather perturbed to realize at one point that instead of looking at her while he painted he was looking at a picture of a rhinoceros on his studio floor.


Far worse, though, when you have great idea, don’t do anything to develop it, and then years later someone else does it and all you can think to yourself is ‘Damn me, I saw this and could’ve been working on it all this time’.

I’ve experienced this in the context of the visual arts but it applies to just about any form of creativity. Never hesitate to be the cartographer of an unexplored idea. Walk its lands and swim its seas.

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