Wonderful wacky portrait of a very excited Donald Trump fan


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She looks like Jamie Lee Curtis confronted by Michael Meyers.


all that love and fear together. yes.


I don’t like Trump at all, but this article and the WAPO link are just… bleh. Not classy, not interesting, in a sense they actually give Trump a leg up, as in, “Geez, if they have to try that hard maybe he isn’t so bad!”


“Obama - you’re fired”. Yes, people who don’t even understand how the system works…



Meskins? Right here in South Dakota?


It’s weird, because I know I did not go to school with this woman, but I like to imagine she is one of the people I went to school with that I had a sort of feeling of enmity for. I don’t necessarily think they would end up like this woman, probably their lives are really great, but I like imagining them like this: Happy to love Trump.

It’s sort of lazy, virtual schadenfreude.


That’s Trump’s catch phrase from a show he used to have on NBC.


I would never have guessed, because I live in a media vacuum. I don’t even pretend to know how self-styled billionaire businessman Donald Trump really earns his money.
[edit - yes, irony. Of course I know the Trump catchphrase, which was borrowed by the UK’s own lovely Alan Sugar]


And that starts with M and that rhymes with…er, let me get back to you on that.





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Exactly as I imagined the average Trump supporter/voter to look like.


The best to happen to her will be if Trump is not elected.
Then she can keep all the hope it would be better with him.


The first time I met Satan I looked like that.


If you’re this excited about meeting anyone, you’re probably not thinking rationally.


It’s tribalism at its finest–no rational thought, just the age-old emotion of “the tribal leader has noticed me! I’m important!”