Wonderfully weird 1961 Russian kids book about space flight


If only space exploration were that glamorous, more people would look up to astronauts as great explorers.

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If only space exploration were that glamorous, the kid cosmonauts would be happier in space…

The lyrics in the second image are:

Somewhere there’s sun and summer,
And somewhere our friends await us;

  • Let’s swim faster back to the rocket! -
    Said I to the cosmonauts.

Looks to me like the crab-creature just wanted to shag.

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They’re lovely.

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I love the rocket.

If I were better at fiberglas work, I might try to duplicate it as a flying model rocket.

We have no names.

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This is screaming at the top of it’s lungs for a LEGO Minifig recreation.

I remember having similar toy cosmonauts at the kindergarten I went to.

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