Wood joinery taken to the next level


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Finally a good excuse to buy that bandsaw…


Where’s the NSFW tag? This is clearly porn.


I’m lucky enough to work with some master woodworkers, since the company I work for makes timber frames. Last year, we built this luscious Japanese-style bath house in Connecticut:


That’s a beautiful building. Thanks for sharing that, @Ziselberger.

Thanks also to @AndreaJames for this post.


This is the favorite building we’ve built. A private library on Nantucket:


I’ve seen people do this, and I am always in awe, and I’m even more in awe once I see the finished product. This is seriously impressive!


Finally a bbs post about joints that aren’t of the twisty glass variety.


That is stunning. Almost implies an inverted ship’s hold. What a lovely way to make a living!


That is beautiful! (needs more bookshelves! :wink: )


I now have serious chisel and saw envy. Not just the tools but the skill to use them. I can never keep my chisels so razory sharp.


What I find really impressive is him hand-cutting all of those. He’s using chisels and Japanese-style pull saws. Which means 1) he’s got an incredibly steady hand and 2) he keeps his tools really sharp.


for the rest of us there’s Hundegger


More like soft porn. The music, the soft strokes, the hand caressing the wood…



I keep a few marble cut-off strips, roughly 3"x8", and have rough to finish sandpaper (1 for each step, 3 is enough for the layperson) spray epoxied on them. When ever I have my chisels out for more than short work I have the blocks out so I can sharpen as I work. You can infinitely replace the cheap paper without ever having to worry about your sharpening surface ditching out- I’ve had my blocks for years.


Wouldn’t “traditional” be the opposite of “next level?”


Nice crook! Is that from a single tree, split?


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