Woodpecker vs. metal ladder


dnb remixes approaching in two, one…


Ah yes, the common North American metalpecker. I saw three of these in two days last spring, working on street signs. Best of luck, guys.

Hah. Growing up in Suburbia I remember one particular Spring growing up. A woodpecker had discovered the amazing acoustics to be had by hammering on the furnace/boiler exhaust pipe on our roof, which made the whole house sound like we were taking anti-aircraft fire.

Dad knocking on the piping with a wrench did little to remove our guest; it only made him bang harder. It stopped after about 2 weeks of 5 AM wakeup calls.

Hah! Considering that woodpeckers use the drumming to mark their territory, the little beggar must have been ecstatic to have found such a good tree that made an awesome sound, only to find a competitor doing his best to make even more noise. No wonder it doubled down. A good drumming tree is worth fighting for.


We only got 9 seconds. I’ll bet you, if we could have seen at least 5 minutes-worth, the ladder would have had a nice indentation…making the woodpecker the official winner.

In my experience (tin roof), the ladder’s more likely to give up than the woodpecker.

[edit] And here’s the sound track for the video (scroll down to “Rat-a-Tat-Tat, America!” and then scroll back up to enjoy the amazing bounty of song-poems on offer).

I had the same problem last year when a woodpecker started tapping away at our aluminum chimney cap. The sound came down the chimney and filled the living room. Fortunately, our upstairs balcony is near the chimney so I went out there and loudly popped a paper bag to scare him away. Repeating the process several times over a couple days kept him away for good.

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Evolution is happening!!! The metalpecker is real!!!

Heh, I got yer metalpecker right here.

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