Woodpecker doing its thing in slow motion

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@pesco no GIF or video or whatever you wanted to show.



Here’s the missing original and reddit thread:


In France we have, for a few weeks, every (late) morning a woodpecker pecking on top of the lantern at the road. Makes a really spooky loud sound, (Round, hollow cap above the lamp). I can’t imagine there are insects to be found at the top of the cap, somehow I suspect the noise is a sign. But I also always thought I was just hearing them knocking wood while looking for insects.


Poor things… Around here there are red-bellied woodpeckers that peck away at the phone poles which are treated to be bug resistant, I see them and hope maybe they’re trying to dig nests rather than find bugs.

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Yeh, but the funny thing is it s not picking at the pole. It is literally picking at the cap of the lamp. Making an impressive sound. And it keeps coming back.
Mom, maybe I can find a picture of the same kind of lamp.

(Made a cut from own photo with Gimp, hopefully not to small, no woodpecker btw)


My chimney cover every freaking spring. Took me a month to figure it out the first time I noticed it. The aha moment was when I caught it happening outside the house and saw the woodpecker gleefully making that rapping noise.

ETA they do it to the lamp posts in the parking lot where I work too.

ETAmore… a quick google search says yes it is a territory/mating thing.


I knew it, the most obvious reason why he (it has to be a he) is doing it. :wink: And it is impressive, a hollow, spooky rakketakketaa!


David Attenborough does a great example of this in South America. https://youtu.be/MNmh5w6cj78

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Did Woody always have a heart-shaped ass and I just never noticed as a kid?


I still had the search page open, so I took a gander for Woody butt…
Was about to give up when I came across this:


Wonderful! Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have to wonder if Team Neurology has started chopping these things open to see what sort of adaptations they use to cope with occupational hazards that make a football career look like gentle caress to the old grey matter…

I admit, I’m not sure I’d recognize a depressed, emotionally unstable, speech-impaired, woodpecker if I saw one; but one would still think that the damage would add up without some clever modifications.


Mental Floss: Why don’t woodpeckers get brain damage?

tl;dr: It’s because they’re close ancestors to Unicorns.


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