Wooly mammoths to be (re)born by 2027, says biotech firm

Unguarded cabbage fields, maybe?


Oddly enough, tomorrow night my nesting partner and I are going to see a concert at the Ravinia Festival grounds of Jurassic Park in Concert listed as " 30th Anniversary of the Film with John Williams’s Score Played Live." What fortuitous timing!

Maybe, maybe not. It’s plausible that there would still be mammoths living in places like Siberia if there hadn’t been so many hungry apes with pointy sticks around.

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… so these resurrected carnivores could be more troublesome than raccoons and coyotes?

… also it turns out the “mammoth” can be disabled by putting a traffic cone on its head

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Oh the irony!

Not by all that much. The last woolly mammoths died out around 4,000 years ago. They could have gone to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt if mammoth tourism had been a thing.

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Or possibly even hanging out on California’s channel islands. It’s not known if humans hunted that population of pygmy mammoths to extinction, but if they’re going to clone some mammoths then pygmy island mammoths seem like a fun place to start. They’d need fewer resources, at least.


So! There’s hope for my elephant the size of a cat after all…

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