Wooly shader makes anything cosy

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Wooly shader makes anything cosy everytime you hit that button!


It’s pleasing, but using that globe as an example makes it clear this doesn’t deal with the hard part of constructed textiles, which is that the stitches are all the same size, so you need to increase and decrease the number of stitches to create curved surfaces. (Masonry is even harder, for similar reasons).

For quadrilateral meshes, though (which would be most models in Blender or Maya), I think you could do a decent job of automating the problem, since the hard part is already solved implicitly in that case.

I mean, it’s easier to say it than do it. But if I were going to make this plugin, as a nerd who is also a nerd of knitting and crochet, that would be the task I’d have set myself.


I don’t even OWN a Blender (but now I want to learn, because I crochet). But because I crochet, I don’t have spare time to learn yet another thing; it’s hard enough to justify my crochet time vs. ALL the things that need doing. This is cool, though.


You’re in luck! Blender is free.



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