Work remotely from this Japnese theme park

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In late fall.

As the weather changes for the worse.

The Ferris wheel still may be better insulated than a Japanese home.


This park had a superb interactive haunted walkthrough when I was there in 2018. You have to carry a token and deposit it at a grave at the end while a live actor is popping out at you at various points. If you bungle the drop, they scream and “attack” you, causing everyone to run screaming out the exit, which makes for a great visual advertisement for those waiting in line or passing by.


I’d do this. I didn’t find autumn in Tokyo to be unpleasant, and the change in venue would be nice. Also, I have a pretty good relationship with my boss and co-workers, so I think everyone would get a kick out of a zoom meeting from the top of the Ferris wheel. I think I’d invent a meeting just to show off. :smiley:

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Back in my days of cubicle work, I had the luck of being stationed next to the floor-to-ceiling windows. I had a great view of the undeveloped lot across the street, where a hawk spent its days riding the updraft and hunting small animals. It was a pleasure to have a visual escape hatch when I needed it.

On the other hand, can you imagine trying to fill in spreadsheets while riding the Tilt-A-Whirl?



The Tim Ferriss wheel?

When I was at university, the physics department was at the top of the hill, and produced an updraft that the local seagulls could ride for hours. The computing department was on the 7th floor, at just the same height as the gulls, so you could just stare out the window and watch them hovering only a few meters away.
Seagulls are arseholes, but they do look beautiful when they’re flying.


Amrican [sic] spelling quality

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