Park ruined by giant always-on TV screen


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Pros: Great for Movies in the Park Night

Cons: Waiting Room Syndrome, where the channel always somehow winds up tuned to Fox News or pro football.


Sounds like a job for TV-B-Gone.


Park enhanced by conveniently-placed TV screen



Somehow I don’t think that will happen. I’m sure the owners would put a stop to it if a hundred people showed up to watch movies, and it didn’t make them any revenue in the process. Or maybe that’s what they’re planning-- they have an events calendar on their website that is empty except for a “private event” in December (so much for “public park.”)


I am that asshole who switches the tv to the first children’s animated film I can find in any waiting room when I can. Life is too short and I spend a lot of time waiting for doctors. I don’t have a child but I look like I could so they usually respond kindly enough.


The off-switch is a privilege.


It shouldn’t be a big deal. I’d tune that shit to Disney movies if one were playing.


My boss wanted an always on TV screen showing instructional videos where I work. I work in a library. Fortunately, we managed to slow walk that idea off a cliff.



Park enhanced by psychedelic light show


Advocating vandalism. Good citizenry.


when peaceful revolution is impossible …


We don’t have enough information or context to know all the details.

Maybe there’s a friends of the park community group that did fundraising for this and plans weekly movie nights.
Maybe the friends group wants to host other events, game tournaments, sporting event parties, whatever.
Maybe there is one rich guy who likes to sit outside and watch TV but lives in the city.
Maybe it’s really a fancy billboard put up by the building next door with no relation to the park at all.
Maybe it’s brand new and still in testing with adjustments to function still happening, changing the content and brightness.
Maybe other park users have different definitions of what activities a park is good for and they didn’t talk to this guy.

I didn’t see anything in the video description to give more information or details.

As long as park users are following whatever the park rules are and not causing disruption to the rest of the building (which should be in line with the normal rules), what do they care how many people use the park.


Is that an advertising sign or a display for the outdoor concerts? (Why not both?)

The one acre elevated park will be semi-accessible to the public and offer a green space that will hold events like outdoor movies and concerts. We’d imagine the views are going to be pretty spectacular as well.

Maybe they should tune it to the sunset channel when not in use?


I don’t even understand the motivation behind this. Even if you’re an asshole and don’t give a fuck what a giant TV does to the park’s ambiance why would you be willing to spend all that money on one?

I could have believed that maybe there was a powerful CEO in one tower that wanted to use the opposite tower as a TV stand just to prove how powerful he is but his office would never be down low where that park is.


Interesting that you don’t consider the original defacing of a public space to be vandalism, just because it is done by a wealthy property owner in a “pro-property values” way.


Wow, look at that thing: that is so made for silent murder.


Maybe because it wasn’t a defacing but rather a planned part of the part from the outset. (You can argue it was a BAD plan, but it wasn’t the owner unilaterally changing things.)