World Intellectual Property Organization in shambolic chaos




Good, maybe die soon.


More likely the rich ones find a way to oust or power-limit the poor ones.
But I hope you’re right and I am wrong.


nah, we’ll just keep putting our wishlist into bs “free trade” agreements since our strong-arm tactics don’t work so well at WIPO anymore


I think this could be constructed to fall under the “power-limit the poor ones” part…?


Not so fast, about European motives for pushing back: This quote about how this [quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:42115”]
“illustrates how much the EU is in the pocket of publishers”
[/quote] doesn’t tell the whole story about European Copyright and Trademark laws. In the EU (France is where copyright was invented) laws are strongly in favor of creators of intellectual property, that is to say “artists” and writers, etc. They also strongly defend citizen privacy (note recent anti-Google laws). To suggest that this pushback is the result of European lawmakers being in the pockets of publishers is a canard–Fox News-style capitalist propaganda–aimed at discrediting a system of protection that is precisely in place to make it hard for businesses to exploit intellectual property in the first place. Business interests are always trying to loosen laws and always use the alibi that they need it to do good to poor countries. It’s much harder for instance for a French Publisher to deal-away his author’s rights to a US company, than it is, say, in the USA (where people are constantly separated from their creations) to rob an author blind. No, siree - that’s an American problem, where most of the lawmakers are in the pockets of businesses.


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