Worldcon in China-would you go?

So China won the bid for Worlcon. Not a locale I’m eager to visit for many reasons. Is this a chance to open up the Chinese view of SF and the world, or just a bad idea overall?

I’ve heard that Chengdu is really, really nice, but that’s a much longer flight than Beijing or Shanghai unless you’re coming from Europe.

After the 13+ hour flight from the Americas to one of China’s more major airports, the additional hop to Chengdu is nothing.

It’s still 3:30 hours from Shanghai and 3:15 from Beijing and that’s not counting the time you will spend in the airport. I would still very much like to visit Chengdu some day, but not for a convention.

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I suppose Raytheon wouldn’t be sponsoring the Hugos

…or would they?

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