World's best jar lid opener

Er, you mean the five seconds of running it under hot water that opens pretty much any jar instantly?

It’s no wonder Mark returned from Rarotonga so quickly!

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So true. That’s why there aren’t any of those totally unnecessary “kitchen” tools in my kitchen. Same goes for those expensive “ovens” and “ranges”. If I can’t cook it on the exhaust manifold of my car with a screwdriver, it’s not worth making.



Here’s a life hack that’s really helped me out with some tough jar lids.

You need two jars. Get a willing friend to hold one in front of him/her, while you do the same. Stand about fifty feet apart. Make sure you’re facing each other (this is important). Now close your eyes and have your friend do the same. On the count of three, both of you should dash forward as quickly as possible. Do not stop. Results guaranteed.

Note that this method has its disadvantages. You need to have at least two jars and at least one friend.


You can simply bang the corner of the lid a few times with the back of a knife to break the seal, and not have one more device to clutter up your kitchen and keep track of.

Also, some teaspoons have a flat end of the handle that quite resembles a screwdriver…

Came to say the exact thing. Works every time.

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Thank you. I mistakenly purchased this thinking it was a bottle opener and it’s been in my drawer ever since. For the better part of five years. I had no idea what it was for, but could never get around to throwing it out.

Yeah, I had a particularly troublesome pickle jar experience recently, and this did it for me… I tried everything else, my not inconsiderable manly strength, hot water, tapping on the edge… but a little butter knife slipped in to pop the seal and it was easy.

That’s been my approach to balky peanut butter jar lids (lookin’ at you, Laura Scudder’s!) since I was 11 or so. But I always used a steel butter knife, held by the blade so the more massive handle could get better whacks in. I don’t recommend holding even a butter knife by the blade to anyone else, of course, but after hundreds of opened jars and nary a scratch, I’m unlikely to alter my method.

It takes more than a minute for the water in our kitchen to get hot if it hasn’t been running. We keep this tool in the drawer with our can opener. It works in seconds, and I don’t have to dry off the jar after.

Heck, might as well just eat food raw, since you mention it :smile:

Bang lid on counter, dent counter. Use cutlery, chip, nick, or bend cutlery. Hot water, doesn’t always work.

The bottle opener method is generally the best option. Thanks to the guy that posted the image of an adjustable opener. I won’t be buying one, but it is good to know they exist.

Don’t spend another 6 bucks on crap you don’t need!
A butter knife works just fine - put it under the lip and lift it gently.

I could, and would, so cut myself using a butter knife that way. Do not underestimate my capacity for accidental self harm by re-purposing tools.

You spaz!

And don’t let me start about using paring knives towards my thumb. Not gonna happen. Not without a visit to the Urgent Care clinic for stitches.

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