World's faster roller coaster in Japan suspends operations after 4 people suffer broken backs or necks

Rode it in 2018, one year after the conversion. Yes, it’s fast and intense, but it went 17 years without these sorts of injuries, then three years without them after the conversion. What happened that broken necks/backs started occurring after Dec. 2020?

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Somewhat similar ride at Knott’s Berry Farm here in CA. X-celerator ramps you up to 82mph (a paltry 130km/h) but then you go up a hill to slow, and go on the outside of a curve before heading back down.

Definitely not neck snapping, but I’ve seen a fair number of people really smack their heads if they lean forward after the workers go by to check that everyone’s ready to go.

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Easy for you to say, sure. :grimacing:


Could have been worse.

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Speed sometimes kills, not just acceleration. There was a recent shutdown at Ohio’s Cedar Point. What we know (and don’t know) about the Top Thrill Dragster accident at Cedar Point -

The added bug deflector is a nice touch.

Pretty sure that ride has spent more of its lifespan offline than on.

Seems anytime I make it out there it’s never running.

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