World's highest bridge opens to traffic


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Where is Dean Potter when you need him?


What could possibly go wrong?


There is no friggen way I could drive that thing. I get queasy just looking at it.


In before bridge failure!



Why did we build it all the way up here?
Shut up! That’s why!


I saw the Hoover Dam bypass when it was being built and that was high enough for me.






The Millau Viaduct still has the tallest towers (ETA OP called this out… oops at least it stopped me from adding a missive on the difference between the tallest and highest bridges). I didn’t realize until checking Wikipedia that many of the world’s highest bridges are in China.


Can someone lend me a hand? I stopped to take a photo on the bridge, an dropped my keys.

Don’t worry, they have a “clapper” attachment. It won’t take us long to find them.


Probably still falling.


I remember seeing about one bridge that had a drivers service where a driver would give you a blindfold and drive you over.


So the drop is about .35 miles? Not bad.


Should suit one Nigel Pargetter,


Oh yeah! Base jumpers will flock…


I dunno looks less scary than this bridge that I have driven across more than once. It has since been demolished.
Narrow old, and potholes that you might be able to see through.


That is some awesome engineering. (As near as I, an admitted non-bridge engineer, can determine after skimming through a palm-sized video on my phone while waiting for food.)

I hope I never have the opportunity to cross it. Especially after experiencing first hand how they drive over there.


China is kind of like Texas these days. They always gotta have the biggest one of everything.


I’m pretty sure that any accident that sends you careening off the side of that thing won’t kill you any deader than a similar accident on, say, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Golden Gate.


Yeah, but you’ll have a lot more time to think about it on the way down. Why, I could mull over almost all my regrets!