World's largest penny pyramid

I was thinking more of randomly destroying it at different parts to show the effects of the banking industry in the Great Recession one middle-class households

Actually this sounds like some sort of legitimate art piece somebody’s probably has made by now


I think a man-year is 2200 2080 hours.

Still, that’s 1.8*(2200 2080) = 3960 3744 hours

And over three years, that works out to an average of about 3 hours 37 25 minutes per day.

No wonder he took 425 days off :wink:

Edit: because for some reason I typed in 2200 when I know the figure is 2080

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I took 1.8 years of real time to mean 1.8 years on the clock. If he meant 8 hours a day for 1.8 * 365 days over the course of three years I’ll worry about him less.

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And then someone messed everything up with a giant neodymium magnet

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You just need a 6-axis FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7L.

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All “copper” pennies since 1980s are 97.5% zinc.
Oh, and all “nickels” have more copper (75%) than nickel (25%).


He’s not alone. He has his penny pyramid.

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