World's worst playground toy


We used to play the “stretch” version of mumblety-peg a lot. This is the game where two kids face each other and take turns throwing a knife into the ground near the other kid’s foot. (Yes, this is an actual game.) Once we were using Jarts instead of a pocket knife, and I managed to stick it into my friend’s shoe without quite impaling his foot. Ah, youth.


Between this and my pet sea lion, my lawn should be clear of kids for the rest of the summer.



This man was funny before he was a rapist. This is about how the glass strewn lot was safer than the built playground.


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I don’t see a problem. How else are children going to really learn about angular velocity and vectors in general?


That is the greatest thing that I have ever seen. And I don’t consider that as tragic.


This looks like an attempt to solve the problems of the previous version with individual chains and handles:

  1. Going too fast would swing the chains (and kids) up away from ground.
  2. Slowing down, all chains would meet at the pole, bad news for any kid still hanging on.
  3. Grabbing a chain and stopping it would cause the others to wrap around the pole, speeding up as the chains shortened.

I think all playground toys are descended from medieval instruments of war, torture and execution, mellowed a bit for each generation. (Like fairy tales.)


Yes. Too slow.


No comment. Aborted entry. (Don’t laugh.)


In Sun River OR, there’s one of these awesome things. We call it the spinny Christmas tree. Fun for parents to run around getting the thing to spin and then wiping out in the gravel. Family Fun!

If anyone could explain to me the phenomenon by which the experience is different at the top vs. the bottom in ELI5 terms, I would love to have it in my back pocket - that topic invariably comes up everytime I end up at this park



Not to mention friction, impact forces, clotting mechanisms, and suture techniques?


Hortense down in Orbital Mechanics wants to meet you.


You see? It only gets better.


Overclocked. Is probably fine at slower speeds. Older kids likely teamed up to achieve this speed and dared the younger ones to try to grab on.


Hey, at least those kids aren’t going out and playing The FIngers Game.


My gut says this is probably Russia.


Squirrels have all the fun.


Know how, when you’re running, if you’re taking really tiny steps you’re probably not going to get to the finish line very fast? (You can jog in place, which is the tiniest possible step, and go the slowest possible speed.) If you took much bigger steps, you’d be going faster, right? The circle at the bottom is bigger. So when you’re on it, it’s like you’re running faster.