World's worst playground toy


…and HMOs, PPOs, deductibles, co-insurance, and bankruptcy court.


i see this and i think, why not give it a few tries? I know i would.


Bringing an entirely new dimension to the “helicopter” part.


i totally would. i might regret it, but i totally would.


So what the heck is the gadget? A motorized squirrel feeder?


Draw an outline of the contraption from above on a piece of paper, so you can see the small ring at the top, and the large ring at the bottom. Draw a point on each circle to represent a passenger, and rotate the page. As the device rotates, it takes the passenger same time to perform one revolution, whether you’re at the top or the bottom, however you can see visually that the distance travelled by the passenger on the large circle is much farther, so to complete a revolution in the same time, the bottom passenger must travel much faster than the top passenger. Extra: stretch out the lines that make up each circle out into straight lines to illustrate how much faster the bottom traveller is going.

There’s some other stuff going on too, but that’s probably enough.


Obviously an old Soviet junior Cosmonaut training device at Star City. In Soviet Russia, playground plays with you,


Knowing nothing about it at all, I’m guessing it’s a bird feeder that spins when the weight of a squirrel pulls down on the place where much lighter birds would normally land.


It’s a yankee flipper. It has a motorized perch which spins when a squirrel lands.


I watched this for way too long.


I’ve seen plenty of those witches-hats still in operation in playgrounds, but for some reason the giant wooden treadmills which kids would run inside seem to have vanished.

I also saw an obviously very new installation which was basically a giant, outdoor Bop It. Such wonders in this time we live in…


You also don’t see the old 5x6 cell pipe and scaffolding fitting jungle gyms anymore…


“Only the penitent kid shall play.”


The great Bill Watterson will explain for you.


We had one of those at our elementary school (late 70s to late 80s), the “Witch’s Hat”! It was LOADS of fun!


thanks a lot


You see a dangerous playground toy - I see a good learning opportunity …

… or a chance to weed out the weak before they reach breeding age.


Favorite see-saw game, “Charlie Brown! Let me down!” Kid at the top of teeter would plead this to the one at the bottom. They would respond, “What will you give me?” Top then has to offer millions of dollars, candy, etc. At which point, the bottom would relent and jump off the see-saw causing the one on top to come crashing down. If it can be dangerous, kids will find a way.


I remember Clackers. They never broke my fingers, but they hurt them often.

For years after their heyday, you would see them hanging off telephone wires.

I miss Clackers now.


Ding! I rest my case.