Wote Street Willy is a statue widely mistaken for a private part

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/03/31/wote-street-willy-is-a-statue-widely-mistaken-for-a-private-part.html


Even if you really want to see it as a willy (and look at it at a very specific angle), it still doesn’t quite work, what with the three columns in the middle bit. Still pretty weirdly shaped given what it is supposed to be, though.

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oh, I think it does; may not be a human pimmel, but…short horse cock?

and its almost all angles (google streetview doesnt really have the angle which is supposed to show the actual artwork).

for comparison (if there is a photo of this in the boingboing, I cant see it);

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Anything roughly cylindrical and longer than it is wide can be a phallic symbol, if you want it hard enough.


That aint nothin’.

You beat me to it; to some people, damn near everything is phallic.


Some will see anatomy in “anything longer than it is wide, you can hold in your hand or drive”

That’s not a stone phallus. This is a stone phallus:

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