"Scary Lucy" statue of Lucille Ball now accompanied by new lifelike sculpture


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I had gotten the impression over the weekend that Poulin had been trying to capture the essence of one of Lucy’s scowls as she chokes down some Vitameatavegamin.

But now I don’t know what the hell he was trying to pull. His statue looks like an uncharacteristically manic Edward G. Robinson without the squint.


Some people, like me, are really not very good sculptors… of course no one is paying me to make bad statues.


I will buy “Scary Lucy” for one US dollar. Mark my words interwebs!


“You’re hired!” ~ Celoron city council


It’s like the “Ecce Momo” of Lucy statues…



Which one is the new one?


I think Lucille Ball would be very entertained that she now has two statues out of this ordeal :slight_smile:


On the bright side Poulin’s statue can be recycled for an Eleanor Roosevelt monument.



Her face still looks like a creepy Dr. Who humanoid.


You should see the rest of his work: http://www.davepoulinstudios.com/pages/portfolio.html.

I shudder to imagine any of those figures coming to life.


I’d like to see what the new statue looked like in plain bronze, though the painted metallic tones is rather nice. At least they didn’t go full ancient Greek…


Can’t sleep, clown will eat me.
Can’t sleep, clown will eat me.
Can’t sleep, clown will eat me.


I really really want to add a long reptilian tongue.




Maybe he just had the wrong Lucy.


Kinda reminds me of when the Texas state Capital building was being renovated and we got to see close up just what the statue on top looked liked; it was freaking hideous. Possibly it was put way up there to hide it.