Would you send $1000 to this 1990s Televangelist?

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Send the video to RedLetterMedia, if they end up watching it. We’ll get the highlights.

Personally I think that the Televangelist act should be illegal under truth in advertising laws.

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Don’t disagree, but then you’ve basically banned all religion there. Any requirements for non-provable (by definition) supernatural outcome?.. Illegal!

See also, “psychics”, spirit mediums, etc…
There’s a huge house on a corner near me (and I live in a pretty good area now) that has a big sign on the hillside on the back of their house that says “Seek psychic truth” etc… Big house, nice cars, constantly doing upgrades/remodeling… Either she truly is psychic, and is foretelling lotto numbers, or maybe scamming the local population?

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I used to record Trinity Broadcast Network in the 80s in hopes of copping some prime snippets to use in the weirdo home recording music I was doing at the time. My go to guy was Dwight Thompson because he brought the fire and brimstone. To this day, I occasionally repeat one of his rants that included, “I’m sick of the filth of immoral affairs!”. Just has a nice ring to it.


I still have a few $100K of Hell Bank Notes!

Sudden thought: Bank of Hell crypto!

Searching… searching…

Ah yes, of course. Someone already tried that.

Humans, amirite?

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Sure, let’s just write off the majority of humanity, no matter what they actually do. /s

My brother used to work for rex humbard, was an audio engineer, at the studios. after a few years you would be replaced as you knew too much about the “operation”.

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