Street Fighter 'Best of Church Edition,' starring disgraced televangelist Benny Hinn


Wait, so they’re trying to imply that it’s . . . NOT REAL?!

There’s no such thing as a disgraced televangelist—as Peter Popoff and Jim Bakker can tell you. They just set up another shop down the road, as any good con artist would.

Anyone know the deal with the part of the clip where the one dude really decked the other dude and I think resulted in him having a torn eyelid?

For he IS the Kwisatz Haderach!


What do you mean, not real? Didn’t you see all those people falling down, O ye of little faith? Psycho Crusher!

is he disgraced? I mean, he’s a joke to all sensible people, but has he done something that would qualify him as disgraced (other than being a televangelist)?

I have some respect for Mr. Hinn. He understands the psychology of crowds.

Wait a minute? Isn’t this…

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