Televangelists listening to Led Zeppelin





Still one of my all time favorites:


Really good mashup and satire. Now I want to hear it backwards.


Why are the Adam’s Family listening to Led Zepplin?


1:00: God is dead. Seriously. You can get his helmet through His Grace [a reference killing the Pope?]

So many blasphemous insights - what else do people hear?


I used to get up early to watch these folks, along with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, and all of those other shows. For the longest time, I genuinely thought that this was some sort of underground satire, though I couldn’t figure out why all of these shows were making fun of the same genre. I was a slow kid.


Isn’t Swedish a beautiful language?


Oh man this tickles me deep!

The phone number on the screen 714-731-1000 is still in use by Trinity Broadcasting Network. For a laugh, check out their 1-star Yelp reviews from two former employees.


TBN was always great for a laugh growing up without cable. Good ol’ WTCT never went off the air, and so my junior high self could bask in the glory of dyed wigs, gold painted plaster furniture, Benny Hinn “healing” someone, Deion “Primetime” Sanders talking about how humble he is, Jack Van Impe, crying because he’s overwhelmed with the hope that Russia is about to start an invasion of Israel, on the orders of the President of the EU, and of course the soulful voice of the musical chameleon Carman.


Mid way through the clip the gray haired Crouch gives the universal symbol for, “Imma shove some crap down your throat and you will like it.” You can see it even backwards. Palms to the sky, a big grin and a giant nodding motion to the head. “Am I right?”

Humanity is made of moron with a tiny impurity.


The “original clip” link doesn’t go to the original clip :frowning: nor can I find it after…well, a very brief search, but a vigorous one.

While the concept was more entertaining than the execution, the real take-away message is that “Plastic Stair Flowers” would be a great name for a band… IN HELL!!!

Did you know if you play “Jesus loves you” backward, it says “We smell sausage?”


I knew someone at university who destroyed his copy of Hotel California because of this sort of thing.

On the plus side, he destroyed his copy of Hotel California. I hate the fucking Eagles, man.


The clip is brilliant, and it was a stroke of genius to play a backmasking “expose” backwards.

But as moral panics go, this one was small potatoes, probably generating a net increase in album sales through the Streisand Effect.

The backmasking scare overlapped it a bit temporally, but the fearful, credulous, religious right eventually moved on to foaming at the mouth about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Despite the fact many lives were well and truly ruined by the latter panic, it is not too soon to point and laugh at those who allowed their reason to be swept away by these things.

Thank you for your indulgence, Happy Mutants :smile:


Only Satan could make your hair get gray in the middle.

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A good reference for this is Jeffrey’s Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend. 10,000 Maniacs were considered to be Satanists. I mean, my God! Just look at that name!! Seriously, here in Austin we had Fran Keller who was released from Travis County Jail just last year. After 21 years!! Read here: Freedom for the Kellers. So don’t go thinking that this shit doesn’t happen.

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