Hear rock music's secret satanic messages in this 1981 radio show

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Bow Wow Wow: servants of satan. :joy:

Well, most of that stuff WAS hellishly bad “music.” …but it was not even close to Satan’s standards for effective sublime temptation. Read the “Screwtape Letters.” A successful demon needs nuance, elan, and a certain elegance to mask the vileness and bottomless evil of the work. That old 80’s crap was a joke.


I recall my conservative fundamentalist mother telling me about this African demonic drum beat/rock n roll bullshit when I was a kid.

She also believes in homeopathy, fuel additives, and voting for anyone who’s prolife regardless of what else they espouse.

Meanwhile: “They sing repetitiously ‘quarter pounder, french fries, thick shake, icy coke,’ and they’d keep doing it over and over again. Now certainly their message isn’t as bad as what we’re talking about in rock music.”

I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I’m pretty sure the junk food advertising is worse for me than the Rolling Stones’ music.


I’m sorry but did you… just… refer to Balck Sabbath as “crap”?



Broad brush, I admit. Never was a fan. But I’m willing to rule for dispensation to accommodate specific cases with merit.

Objection granted!!


It must be difficult living life being that freaking nuts.

I hope I’m remembering this correctly:

At the very beginning of the B side of Styx’s Paradise Theater, there was a blarble before the music started. It was a bit of backmasking, and because of it some religious groups denounced them for being satanic or whatever (the whole river of death thing, I guess). None of those groups had bothered to listen to it, of course. When the blarble was reversed, the well known satanic oath “E Pluribus Unum” was clearly audible.

Beat me to it, dammit!

Of course, Deathtöngue had to change their name because of Senate pressure to Billy and the Boingers, whose first single was,



Pink Floyd, The Wall, Track: Empty Spaces
Back in the day a friend told me he heard a backwards warble in the track. We recorded it on tape and played it backwards, sure enough, there’s a message there!
It starts at about the 1:10 mark in the forwards direction.

Since Easter is coming up, I won’t spoil this Easter Egg by giving away the message…

When exactly did Bo Diddley travel to Africa to steal that Burundi demon-summoning beat?

Some hair on that guy. He probably just walks under a hook before bed and again in the morning.

It sure wasn’t very effective on this guy, so how scary could it be? Big Mac, Filet O’ Fish, Quarter Pounder, french fries, icy Coke, thick shakes, sundaes and apple pies.

Did you know if you play “Jesus loves you” backward, it says “we smell sausage.”

Back in the late 80’s some friends and I went to an event advertised around campus called something like “Spiritualism in Rock Music”. They had the University’s permission to use a pretty big meeting hall. We assumed it would be about Xtian Rock or perhaps even sympathetic to the actual lyrics of rock music. Have you ever really listened to the words? There are more warnings about taking drugs, living wild and falling into satan’s clutches than not.

Anyway, the event started fairly mundane, then they started playing music backwards, then they got everyone to stand up and join hands in a big evangelical prayer. Our group was even asked to leave since we wouldn’t pray with them. It was truly surreal, watching all those young people affirming the shockingly flimsy “proof” from the presentation.

BTW if you play “Another One Bites The Dust” backwards, you hear “sss-ut te ssme eh ma ee wa wah”.

From that picture, it looks like a satanic Bruce Vilanch…which might be redundant.

This is my favorite mashup, which deals with Another One Bites The Dust’s Satanic messages. It still amazes me that people so recently thought this was an legit thing, and that Satan himself was doing it. Good thing Muslims came along to change it up. /s

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