Wrist-mounted artists' palettes: the best wearables are analog

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You call that a palette?

No, but seriously, the pictured palette doesn’t hold enough paint to smear on my pants.


A local artist friend Mykl Wells just painted some miniatures, for which he used his thumb as a palette.


In what way are these “analog?”

There are no signals here — no data to be analog nor digital.


If i made one i’d consider something that is counterbalanced at the bottom so that even when you rotate your wrist/arm the palettes will stay oriented upward as best it can. It’d add a little bit more weight and complexity but i kind of like the idea of it self balancing. Not sure how practical it is

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I have a portable watercolor palette about that size, it’s perfect for quick color sketches on the go. Obviously if you’re planning to do a full-scale oil painting or something you’re not going to be able to carry all your supplies strapped to one wrist.

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Because I’m not ambidextrous?

I swim in paint…

Kinda’ like these women, only different.

Or… like this guy…


Yeah, a bit more like this guy.

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As someone prone to writing notes on my palm because I just forget them if I put them on my phone this is the wrist mountable item I desire:

I only see the one company bringing these to North America currently. It is on Amazon.jp too but they are unwilling to ship.


Ugh. Whoever designed that box has never actually painted. You would have to keep your arm more-or-less immobile to keep the paint and water level and not spill.

I would like to know more about the notepad pictured.

A couple of these clipped to your sketch pad/drawing board do a decent job.

Thank you, Cory, for the delightful link. Weblogging at its best!

You know what’s better than a smartwatch? Literally everything else.

Pfft. I don’t even own a clock.

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