Writers on a train


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I always found writing to be difficult on Amtrak — it’s too bumpy. Typing, on the other hand…

Does writing code count?

Plus, you’ll likely get a few extra hours to write when it is delayed.

Screw a house in Detroit, this I want.

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I’m not a “foamer” as described in the story, but my cousin is very much so. If he sees a train on the move, whatever is being done at that time must absolutely cease so that he can properly admire the engine, the cars, etc.
And I’ll second the writers’ notion that traveling by train is a wonderful experience, especially in these horrible days of air travel being the go-to method. Given the amount of money Amtrak spends each year, there’s no reason they can’t offer a free trip to a worthy writer in order to bring back the joy of moving by rail.
Also, was I the only one who felt the story ended rather abruptly?

Writers on a train? Sure, DONDI, SEEN… I love those guys.

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