WSJ excitedly notices "Weird Twitter"


Man, where would we learn about ‘trends’ months after they happen (and occasionally ones that exist only in columnists’ heads!) without the WSJ?


I was just reading there about wearing an onion on my belt.


I wonder if they would also be interested in printing my upcoming article about people who review films on Netflix ironically? It’s called “Weird Netflix.” I was thinking it would be part of a series.

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the wal street journal is REALLY mad or at least bemused in a rather-miffed way that someone might dare to use twitter to not sincerely engage with their favorite brands and find the best products and services

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For others, it detracts from what they see as Twitter’s main value—an engine that organically can propel ideas, concepts and products into a larger marketplace.

Am I the only one who would love to see what the WSJ thinks toilets are for?


Anyone remember how no one wanted Twitter to be used for marketing and PR back in the early days of Twitter?

Anyone remember this link being posted as a reply whenever anyone brought up the topic? How To Use Twitter for Marketing and PR


I can’t imagine why the “Wall Street Journal” might operate on the implicit assumption that ‘participation’ on the demand side of a capitalist consumer economy is the highest aspiration of any cultural or communications medium…

The New York Times?

Hey, sarcasm aside, it’s news to me. Though I admit when I read it my internal ‘fake NYT trend piece’ alarms were going off.

This reminds me of when my family didn’t have a TV and I didn’t understand a joke at school that was about a TV show I’d never seen.

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