WTF debates not on broadcast TV

What kind of bullshit is this that the Dems have their debates only on CNN? So if you don’t have cable tv, you don’t have internet, you’re out of luck?


Tapper doing a better job than most recent mediators.


Agreed. You’d think at least PBS would air them, as a matter of public interest. But no, that’s not happening. :rage: This is something we all need to know about!

Though I forgot I might be able to watch over the Internet. It’s a bit late for that now, I guess.


streaming it from CNN


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Does anyone know anyone who actually watches digital broadcast over the air who doesn’t also have cable? Maybe I’m naive, but Everyone I know is either a cable subscriber, or like myself, a cord cutter with a smart phone. I know people who watch pbs, but they watch it through their cable provider…

I don’t have cable, will never have cable, don’t watch enough tv to ever pay for that. I watch digital broadcast. My internet service does not include telephone or tv broadcasts - just internet.


I stand corrected. I also have only internet, no cable, but I basically watch Netflix or get my news from the internet and radio. I didn’t check but I bet cnn is streaming the debates free online. They usually do that when something important is happening.

There once was a service in NYC where they just rented a floor of a tall building, and used antennas and digital tuners to make broadcast TV available on the internet. I read about it getting shut down on TechDirt when I was still keeping up to date with copyright law. They even used an individual antenna per-user to try and get around “making extra copies”.

Absurd that they weren’t able to win. It’s not like OTA TV signals are a limited resource really. And they’re already flooding the air with it. It’s a bit like getting angry at people for using the streetlights to read a book.


Ugh. You have my sympathies

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its no big deal - stream it to iPad, push it to AppleTV, boom - its on the big screen

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I use digital + antenna too. With all the subchannels I get, it works enough like cable for me.

After the debate was over, I thought about trying to access CNN on my Roku, but according to the Channel Store I’m still expected to have a cable subscription to access their live feeds. So that isn’t an answer. :rage: Tomorrow night I’ll try watching it on the Internet.


Same. I vowed long ago never to give Comcast a dime of my money if I could help it and I rarely watch sports so I never felt the need to get cable.

I have noticed my house seems to be the only one in the neighborhood to have an aerial antenna. Sometimes I wonder if everyone else just forgot that was an option.

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Yeah, me. I don’t have cable, mainly because it’s a large recurring monthly expense that I can’t justify. But also because I don’t need a 24-hour feed of pro-corporate, pro-war, anti-environment, anti-climate-action, anti-left status-quo-defending mainstream media, which isn’t in the news business but rather is in the advertising business. Also, I think advertising as currently practiced is toxic, conveying bad ideas and modeling bad behaviors, and we don’t yet have AdNix for cable.

Anyway, I’m online, and it’s been clear since the dawn of the commercial Internet that monied incumbents would try to turn that into cable, and we’re pretty much there now.

I get shows on DVD from the public library.

Since you asked. :wink:

Yeah, I think it’s a shame the debate wasn’t broadcast, but from what I’m reading the questions were ridiculous.

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It’s still a matter that falls within the public interest, so it doesn’t seem right to me that a cable channel is allowed to monopolize airing it. It cannot and should not be assumed everybody has access to cable, because that’s not true.


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