Dem Presidential Debate 12.19.2015


Anyone watching the debate?



The Democratic debates (this year) are not a shitshow.

So, nobody hardly cares. :smile:


The coverage is!

fight fight fight


Independant investigation of the DNC?

Yes, please


Out drinking instead. Seemed like a better plan.


this is the worst livestream of a debate yet

such bad streaming ive not seen since 2004


O’Malley reminding me why I like him


Clinton, 6:04pm (PST): “Maybe the back door is the wrong door.”

And I think we have a winner for “best debate quote for taking out of context.”



The abc stream is the worst stream ever.


So…what I’m getting from this is that Sanders supporters are cable cutters?


That berns! I maybe sorta watched it over the air.


I’m with Corny. Screw this debate shit, let’s get trashed!


Kinda in the mood. Quart of water and B vitamins beforehand?


off topic: I’ve not had TV, nor cable TV subscription, nor landline, nor private auto, in 5 years. I also get along without a microwave, but the landlord seems to think everyone expects one, so it has become an inefficient bin for storing crisps.

Judging by what’s disappeared from the bottle of Redbreast, and some ill-tempered tweets (now deleted), I did.


Do you believe in money? Sounds like you don’t believe in money. That’s blasphemy around here and cause for a feeding frenzy.


So… Who came out alive of the Chunderdome?


All three came across looking more or less like adults who were willing to have a meaningful discussion of policy without devolving into a public spectacle of crazy headline-grabbing rants or personal attacks.

So I guess you could say they all lost.


He probably has one of those ISIS-sympathizing lumberjack-looking hipster beards.