Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah launching cryptocurrency

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It’s schemes like this that really boost my confidence in cryptocurrencies [said the shoeshine boy offering me investment tips].


On the one hand? I get that. On the other? EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DELIGHTS ME.


I don’t know how you all see it, but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children.


I thought hip-hop artists invested heavily in custom jewelry and hoes. WOKE!

I like how Ghostface ran with GZA’s suggestion that “you need to diversify your bonds…” I would also add that, in a figurative sense, one should “protect (one’s) neck.”


Classic skit


And yet Pat Benatar taught me that “hell is for children.”

Now I’m confused, is Wu-Tang “hell”?

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I’ll wait for Pharmabro’s coin.

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Can you hang a Wu-Tang medallion off of a blockchain?


I’ve got all of my money sunk into Stanley Nickels, thanks!



Came here specifically for that.

Or Juggalo’s coin, maybe?

You ever get that feeling you are from a couple of generations ago? I’m going back to my Bauhaus albums now.

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I’m not into hip hop but i get the entrepreneurial spirit they have, a lot of them come from humble beginnings and always had to find ways to get ahead. Always look for some way to be successful beyond what you’re already currently doing. It’s why its so common to see people in hip hop or rap doing all kinds of weird things like energy drinks, snacks, restaurants, liquor, games, etc.

You do see this with other famous people, celebrities, etc. so really its not just black artists doing this.

I guess Im more into hip hop than blockchain - but that really doesnt say much. I’m far more into statins than stimulants. However selling your own currencies crosses a line for me - and I am pretty surprised it doesnt cross a line for the FBI. Mind you, even more reason for the business to attract entrepreneurs like Mr. Ghostface Killah. or is that GhostFace-Killah?

I am not sure what to think of the crypto he’s backing. I don’t intend to jump into that any day soon so i don’t really care but i wonder how he would make money off it being a co-founder or whatever he’s considered in relation to the currency. I don’t know enough about crypto to make any informed comments on it.

Hmm… just passed on a free pair of tickets to see him at El Club in Detroit next week, now I wish I had taken them…

Pre-depriving all of us BBS commenters from the very obvious puns and jokes on the subject.