Wussy: psychedelic drone-folk from Cincinnati, Ohio


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This sounds great.

I noticed the Spin link is off by a slide - http://www.spin.com/articles/50-best-albums-2014-so-far/?slide=48

Nice sound, but it has just about zero relationship to any variation of country or Americana. A lot more reminiscent of things like early Peter Case (Plimsouls) and 1980s Midwest alt-punk sounds that were derivative of Americana song structures.

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Good suggestion.They sound more scots than american. The Phantom Band with a bit of Frightened Rabbit and Twilight Sad. I like!

Chuck Cleaver has been a fixture in the rock scene round these parts for a long time. I love seeing these guys finally get some press.
For even more fun, check out the previous band, the Ass Ponys, in particular Kung Fu Reference and Little Bastard. The album Lohio is a must hear.

Very nice sound.

Drone Folk Music: Music for UAS pilots.

A nice video of the song can be seen on Cincinnati Magazine’s site. The video was shot by the talented Michael Wilson who has done album photography for Randy Newman, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, The Replacements and many, many more.

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