WWII's VD posters: exciting nexus of propaganda, Mad Men, gender and design


Slow clap?


We know you’re old, are you crabby too?

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oh, the horror.

Memories of VD films -

Disney’s VD Attack Plan ? scared me pretty bad in grade school. I remember asking every woman I knew if she had VD, and was she sure she didnt.

So, has anyone taken the time to combine Rosey the Riveter with a VD poster?

“We Can Do It! (But you’ll regret it.)”


“Fool the Axis” is filled with complicated symbols. They’re all wearing swastikas for some reason - and Mussolini’s syringe has a tiny woman attached. What?

The pox-riddled bare chests and treasure trails are rather off-putting as well…

Swapping the captions makes for an interesting effect.


I’m probably a wee bit young to know for sure, but around the time that poster was made, wasn’t “Bag” slang for vagina? If this thing hasn’t been shooped, I assume that it was a punny poster intended only for the military?


We Can Do It!!! Thank the FSM for good time gals…

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