Video: Movie theater vandals apparently worked for Hitler

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I can’t believe the “ride with Hitler” poster isn’t modern-day satire but I guess it’s legit. Hyperbole was always in style.


We had a poster in our elementary school library that was depicted as Hitler not returning books to the library, Jezz he had some real issues that guy.


Video link for the BBS



I’ve always loved the “ride with Hitler” poster. We really need a modern version, given the climate crisis, but it’s a bit harder to put into a pithy couple of lines. How do you encapsulate mass extinctions and societal collapse? “If you drive an SUV, you’re rimming Satan”?


It’s hard to imagine today but there was a time when “patriotism” meant personal sacrifice and conservation of resources for a greater cause.

Nowadays the self-styled “patriots” think that showing love for one’s country means buying a giant ugly truck, slapping a few flag stickers on it and complaining about the cost of gasoline.


That’s the one I remember. I thought the “drive with Hitler” was made by the same satirists, but apparently it was the inspiration.

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Everything I am against is literally Hitler.

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At the time the original poster was printed the country was literally trying to conserve those resources for the fight against Hitler. Nowadays not so much.


My Mom is 85 and she still talks about giving away a couple of her rubber toys as part of a scrap drive. Some of that, of course, was just to instill a sense of sacrifice in general so the domestic stuff that really was more of a sacrifice (setting aside the whole sending young men off to die) didn’t seem quite so acute, but yes of course.

My MIL’s family relocated from the SF Bay Area to LA since he was a chemical engineer and in the petroleum business to work on a refinery, and had to drive from Oakland to San Pedro at the war time speed limit of 35 mph. That would be an awfully long day of driving!


We need to work some more GQP dog whistles in there, so that they will end up with a permanent “pro rimming Satan” faction in their party. It shouldn’t take much.

P.S. Who actually cuts seats up? I always assumed the torn and patched vinyl of yesteryear was due to wear and tear, and the occasional bent Levi’s rivet.

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What are these “irreplaceable theatre properties”?

Kids? In the '40s, you had bored, unsupervised children who carried pocket knives. Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if kids were cutting up everything, including seats, because they’re destructive little shits.


Who goes around cutting up theater seats?

The difference is conservatives used to dislike the guy as much as the rest of us. How times have changed.

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Well, now that you mention it…


This wasn’t so far-fetched.

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TIME magazine’s ‘Man of the Year’ in 1938.
No byline-deal, though.

Because material was rationed, quick repairs were out of the question?

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