Wyoming GOP Senator explains death-penalty vote by saying that being executed was good enough for Jesus, so it's good enough for criminals

I mean we wanna make sure we can deal with Jesus guy again if he does come back …

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Jesus: So what did I miss the last 2000 years?
Jesus: Uh huh…
Jesus: They what? In my name? WTF
Jesus: I’m about to go John Wick and there is no underground bunker deep enough to evade me…
[Slow-mo of Jesus bullets falling like rain]


Yes, and then this brings up the issue of Judas. In the gnostic gospels he is not seen as an evil traitor, but someone who was following Christ’s directions. He even has his own gospel.

It’s a big conundrum in mainstream Christianity that the believers never really think about. A great mind game is to ask any true believer if they could go back in time and save Jesus, would they? If they say no you can counter “so you’re as bad as Judas then?”


Probably marinates herself in the stuff every night.

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I wonder if he’s the kind of “Christian” who darkens the door of his church once or twice a year for the services that are exclusively music-based, or if he’s the kind of “Christian” who sits in the pews really, really hard, listens to every word, and doesn’t understand any of it?

Because it’s clear he don’t understand any of it.

Of course, from what I’ve heard, it seems like a lot of ministers for some of the churches with less stringent education requirements seem to come from the second group, as well…


(I always like pointing out that Christ was killed by soldiers who were just following orders. That’ll angry up most Christians in a hurry.)


There’s a D&D contingent that subscribes to the “Lich Jesus” school of thought, since he did die and then was subject to a Resurrect spell. What christians don’t realize is, when they do see him again, he’s going to be literally rotting off the bone.


She doesn’t seem able to organize a thought.
Somebody tell her Two-Burders is hiring.

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I’m not saying this will stop it from working; but “I support imperial Roman compliance policies because Jesus” seems like a position that might not please the slightly less blinkered flavor of Evangelical.

Even among people who don’t go for the full zOMG Whore of Babylon thing generally don’t read the Romans as the good guys, or the moral of the story being about the virtues of emulating them.

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The link is a translated article from a couple of days ago, titled:

Did Jesus survive the crucifixion? Yes, says Johannes Fried in his book “No Death on Golgotha”. Moreover, Jesus escaped. Probably as a gardener.


On the other hand, if a major world religion grew up around every person who was executed in Wyoming, I’m not sure Lynn would be too thrilled.

Yeah, he was in pretty bad shape even immediately after “the Rez” - all pierced and unrecognizable, and certainly Christian tradition holds that bodies are supposed to be kept intact because of the The Resurrection, which suggests you come back with what you’ve got left. (I was working on a game universe premised on this, where there was A Resurrection, with most of revived humanity actually just coming back as a cloud of dust and bone fragments. It just seemed too perverse to do anything with, in the end.)

I don’t think it’s a part of any fundamentalist belief, but they’re so wacky these days, who knows what they think.

I mean, it’s weird and scary all over. If this were a fantasy novel religion, they’d definitely be the baddies just on the strength of these elements.


So by their own tortured logic, the state-sponsored murder of the most innocent man ever to live is “justice”? What a fucking idiot.


Well, I guess if it’s good enough for Jesus, it must be good enough for Sen. Lynn Hutchings.

I’m sure she could find someone to volunteer a cross.

(Please note this is not a call to violence against the senator, just pointing out that if it came down to it, I don’t think they would think execution was all that great)


Djesus Uncrossed – Director’s Cut

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mmm the electric cross…not a bad idea . I can kind of seeing working as prop in a modernized jesus christ superstar. disco it up a bit put all the cast on roller skates…


Kinky Friedman (of the Texas Jewboys) used to tell the story of the little old Southern Baptist lady who approached him and asked about his religion’s attitude towards Jesus.

“She asked me, “Mr Friedman, why did your people kill our Lord?”
So I told her, “That motherfucker had it coming.”
You gotta be straight with these people.”


Kinky Friedman is the bee’s knees.
Strangely enough, I happened upon his books first and thought for a while that the country singer thing was just a literary device.


Ditto. Loved the books, and then some years later saw him play while he was in Aus. Fantastic, but a man who carries the bruises of excess.


Me, I am not big on God stuff. Not believing it does rather take away the point. This particular bit was new to me. But it doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable…

So, you are this Roman governor. The local temple wants this guy dead because he is preaching on their turf. You don’t see anything wrong with him. You try and stick up with him several times, but both the local officials and the mob are against you. This is more than the disciples did, but that’s probably not fair as they hadn’t the clout to do anything. But, bottom line, you can’t bang out an imperial pardon and risk a riot; so nice try, but what happens, happens.