Daily Wire host laughs at Uganda's anti-LGBTQ bill that includes death penalty (video)

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Legislation sponsored by American fascists as a test for what they want to do here.

Btw anyone who works for Daily Wire can die horribly in a fire. Their lives mean literally nothing to me.


He’ll be the first one targeted by the F35’s.

Edit: context:


Just because you call yourselves ‘conservatives’ doesn’t mean you actually are… y’all like to call yourselves ‘christians’, as well…
Too chickenshit to call yourselves what you actually are:

You forget there’s a sizeable percentage of your ilk that would never vote for a Black man, no matter how much like Idi (VD) Amin he is.

We already are. just not in the numbers these loons lust for.

With any luck, that party will self-destruct sooner than later.
We will have to watch out for flying shrapnel in the meantime.


huh. so according to his logic, all good for a country to kill christians because they get self determination. not in my book.


“Ha ha ha, the death penalty is a little extreme, not that I’m advocating it myself (wink wink), I just wish those guys would come over and impose it here, too!”

Something something local values, something something lampposts, fascists…


“The Libs are constantly trying pushing abortion on africa.”

[Citation needed]


If he is one of the dimwits who equate birth control with abortion, then he is absolutely right. Liberals have been advocating birth control, and all reproductive health, for decades now.

Reproductive health is extremely important, and leads to increased prosperity, fewer teen mothers, birth spacing, healthier children, fewer children, fewer STDs, reduced maternal death. It’s actually an important path to ending international aid by rendering in unnecessary.

Abortion is a political football every new administration. The Hatch Act prohibits using federal funds for abortion services, but Republican administrations will prohibit the use of private funds for abortion (TFG even prohibited talking about abortion) if an organization received federal funds, while Democratic administrations will allow it, and will even allow counseling and referral for abortion where it is locally legal.

More likely he is probably repeating the racist, eugenic lie that abortion is being promoted to eliminate people of color. “Keep them pregnant, keep them poor” is the mantra of his brand of supremacist.


Thanks! That’s a good citation!

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